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Fast Facts

            Reuben's Room is a 501(c)(3) non-profit cat rescue and sanctuary

We are a no-kill rescue 

We are an all volunteer rescue

All funds go directly to the care of our cats

We have a pre-adoption trial period





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The Story of Reuben's Room Cat Rescue and Sanctuary

Jeanine Buckner has always loved cats, and always dreamed of a rescue of her own.
As a vet tech she saw first hand how much a loving cat could offer seniors citizens.
She realized that it was hard for seniors to adopt a cat, and that it was hard to find a senior cat a home.
Jeanine set a goal of getting senior citizens a cat for companionship, and a home for senior cats.

Those dreams became  Reuben's Room.    

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                                               Meet our very special "special needs" cats.

Like most rescues, we have had adoptable cats that were over-looked, year after year.

So we made the decision to concentrate on 2 of  those cats.

We have found homes for blind cats, deaf cats, and senior cats.

Now it's time for these 2 special cats to get homes of their own.





What she needs:  Patience and Understanding

Sweet Jackie, born 12/30/2004, is a delicate long-haired senior lady who hopes for a quiet, warm, loving home without dogs or children. She's an unusually sweet cat: Jackie loves gentle petting and will purr up a storm. She's also a smart, independent lady who sometimes reveals her feisty spirit. Jackie loves basking in the sunshine and spends much of her days sleeping.  She also enjoys watching out the window, drinking from her cat fountain, and showing off her champion laser light skills!  She will need gentle combing to keep her long hair pretty. Jackie is four foot declawed.

Jackie is also a special-needs cat with kidney issues, who sometimes gets confused about using the litter box. Mainly she pees in the litter box, but often she poops somewhere nearby. This means she needs to stay in a room with well-sealed flooring, rather than carpeting. We love her and find she's well worth a little extra fuss. She has a deep sweetness and she's truly a joy to have around.

   If you have any questions, or for more information, contact us at:





grayson scramble.jpg

 Alfredo playing Scrable in his new home.

Rumor is he's pretty good at it!


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Our Adoptables

Click here to see cats adopted from Reuben's Room - now in furrever homes.

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Update Kitty

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Emotional Support Pet?

We hear all the time about emotional support dogs, and they are great!

But, we think cats could also be a great support animal.
Cats are very loving, and a whole lot easier to take care of than dogs.
No need to take a cat for a walk, and no need to clean a messy yard, pen, whatever.
Also no need to give your emotional support cat a bath, they take care of that for you.
Think about it, a  friendly loving companion curled up on your lap, or sharing your couch or bed. 
A loving companion who will shower you with love and attention
while also providing entertainment.

We get to know our cats very well, so we should be able to match your personality with one of our cats.  And if the match doesn't work we will continue to work with you until we make a match that will work for you.

excited cat 1.jpg


                We just placed one of our cats as an emotional support cat with a US veteran!
We received a call from a vet who's therapist suggested she get an emotional support animal.
We are thrilled that she chose one of our cats!
We are hoping this is the start of helping more veterans who share a similar need.

satisfaction guaranteed 2.jpg 
Did you know that all of our adoptions start out as trial adoptions??

If for some reason one of our cats is not a good fit for you, just let us know.
We do not consider any adoption final until YOU say it is final. 


   We have noticed that from time to time Petfinder experiences difficulty with webpages. 

 If that happens on our webpage, please be sure to come back and visit us again.


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                 The good folks from Family Fare, and D&W  are offering a new fund raising event that we will be participating in. Check it out further down this page. 

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Amazon also has some wonderful opportunities we will be participating in. Check it out further down this page.

WOW!  Our supporters are great!  Thank you to everyone who is helping us by shopping on Amazon or using the donation program through Spartan/Nash.  We truly appreciate these two programs that allow you to donate to us at no cost to you, an those of you who help us via this program. 

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On a lighter note, did you ever wonder how our cats get such cute names?  All of our cats are domesticated cats, meaning they have had their own home before they come to us.  Our cats come complete with the name that their former families gave them.  That makes is easy for us.  We do not change their names.  Well, maybe if we had a cat come in with a name that had more than 16 letters, and no one could pronounce it, then, maybe we would shorten it so that people could adopt a cat with a name they could pronounce, and maybe even spell!  But, so far that has not happened.  

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  Who We Are      

Reuben's Room Cat Rescue is a 501 © (3) non profit rescue/no-kill sanctuary in the greater Grand Rapids Area. Reuben's Room is an alternative cat rescue founded in 2003 by Jeanine Buckner. The purpose of the rescue is to help fill the need for re-homing domesticated cats of all ages. We adopt cats to both single people and families who have a track record of being responsible and loving companions, and who understand a commitment to an animal is a lifetime commitment. 

All of our precious adoptables are tested for feline leukemia and FIV. They have been spayed or neutered, and are up to date on any medical needs. They are also tested, and if needed treated for heartworm. Our cats are only available for adoption after this has been done.

fat cat in box.jpg

Occasionally someone will drop off cats (usually in cardboard boxes) at our rescue.  These people probably believe that we will take them in and provide them shelter.  Unfortunately, Reuben's Room rehomes cats, we do not take in strays or ferals. 

open door.jpg

Reuben's Room does not have an open door policy.

If you would like to adopt one of our cats, let us know via petfinder  to make arrangements.


Worry Free Adoption for Seniors  

We believe that senior/seniors who are living alone can benefit from a loving feline companion. Through our Worry Free Adoption for Seniors Program we endeavor to match a senior cat with a senior citizen. We can do this because we get to know our cats and their personalities. When a senior tells us what they are looking for in a companion cat, we match the senior with one of our cats we believe will be a good match. If for some reason the match does not work out, we will bring that cat back to the rescue and try another cat until the senior believes that they have the right cat for them. One of the things that make this program special is that if the senior cannot come to the rescue to get their cat we will bring a cat to them!

Through our seniors program we have taken a lot of the worry out of senior adoptions. 

Please note: Most of the assisted living places in our area allow residents to have pets. These homes welcome our cats because of our senior program.



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Opportunities To Support Us At No Cost To You


Reuben's Room is now an "Affiliate Member" of Amazon.  That means there is yet another way to support Reuben's Room at no cost to you!  As an Affiliate Member of Amazon, whenever you shop on Amazon by using the banner link at the bottom of this page, Amazon will give 4%-6% "commission" of the cost of everything you buy (clothes, books, stoves, etc.) to Reuben's Room!  If you spend $100, we get $4-$6, if you spend $1000, Reuben's Room gets $40-$60!  So please, SHOP TIL YOU DROP, but make sure you use the banner at the bottom of this page when you do!

We have also created an Amazon "Wish List".  To get to our list simply click on the same link below which will take you to a page for Pet Supplies.  In the upper right hand corner there is a space for Wish Lists.  Click on that box, and go to "find a wish list", which is again in the upper right corner area.  When you click there it will take you to a page where you can ask for a specific wish list.  Just type in Reuben's Room wish list, and click go, and there you are!  We have tried to be as reasonable as possible on our list.  When we ask for a bed, for instance, you will not find the most expensive beds on our wish list.  What you will find is some nice beds for reasonable prices.

                             So, our wish list and a chance for you to help support us is only a click away. Just scroll down to the banner at the bottom of this page and click "shop now".  Please consider asking your friends and family that shop on Amazon to come to this page and click on the banner/link below.

Note: For Reuben's Room to get the 4%-6% "commission" you must ALWAYS go to this page and clink the link below before you start shopping! 

Update: It is up and working great!  We have been blessed with some things off of our wish list, and we are also getting a 4% commission when you shop on line at Amazon.  Or, if enough of our supporters shop for us we can get up to a 6% commission.  Our most recent purchase was paper towels, lots and lots of paper towels.  Other than cat litter and food, one of our biggest expense is paper towels.  Let's face it, when you are trying to keep a rescue nice and clean, you need a whole lot of paper towels, especially when that rescue includes a sanctuary!

amazon banner 1.png

This is what the banner that you need to click on looks like.

Note from Jeanine: "We always like to thank someone if they do something nice for us."  So, there is a place on Amazon where you can fill out a gift card, and if you do, then we can send you a nice thank you card.  Of course, you always have the option of remaining anonymous.

Amazon also offers another program where their shoppers can donate to the charity of their choice.  It is called Amazon Smile.  To learn more about this program, and how you can donate .05% of what you spend to Reuben's Room, go to smile.amazon.com.  Note: in order to donate to a charity via smile.amazon.com you must always go to Amazon via the smile.amazon.com address.

spartan nash.jpg

        D&W, and Family Fare have a new "Direct Your Dollars" progam.

Do you shop at any of these stores?  Do you get gas at any of their gas stations?  If you do, please start saving all of your original receipts for your purchases, bundle them up, and send them to us.  For every $150,000 in receipts that we collect Reuben's Room will get a $1000 donations from SpartanNash!  It may seem like we can never reach $150,000, but the program is open ended, meaning we can continue to collect forever!  And with your help, we know we can do it.  Especially when you tell all your friends and relatives and they join the effort!

So, start shopping and bundling and send those receipts to our P.O. box:

Reuben's Room Cat Rescue and Sanctuary 

P.O.  Box 140201

Grand Rapids, Mi.  49514

Spartan Nash no longer accepts receipts from Forest Hills Foods or Gas Stations.

 white cat with heart.jpg

 People who love cats have some of the biggest hearts.


cat and question mark (2).jpg

      Just in case you are wondering. . .      

Why we need your help to keep the rescue going 

Reuben's Room has a senior program, and a no-kill policy.  Since we adopt to senior citizens, our cats sometimes come back when that senior passes away or can no longer care for their cat.  Those cats are often senior cats.  

All rescues have the expense of the day to day cost of maintaining the rescue.  But because of our policies, we always have a number of cats that need special supplies due to health reasons, things like special food, fluids, dentals, and extra visits to the vet.  Those special needs must be met.

We are proud of our programs and policies.  We believe in meeting ALL of the needs of our felines, regardless of the age or health.  But our policies mean that we have to absorb costs that other rescues do not. It is only with the help of our supporters that we are able to meet those needs.  



(you must click on the credit card symbol in order for this to work)


You may also send your donations (no matter how big or small) to our address:

Reuben's Room Cat Rescue

P.O.  Box  140201

Grand Rapids, MI  49514

Thank You!


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A special thanks to all of our volunteers:

                Ashley, Barb, Brooke, Denise, Hope, James and Dena, Patty, Sally and Bob,
Sally A., Sandy B., and Sharon. Without this team Reuben's Room would cease to exist.

                      And a special thanks to Steve Kehl who created our first webpage.
Then, when we lost our source for that webpage Steve recreated it for us.
Without Steve this webpage would cease to exist.

 Reuben's Room is, and always has been an all volunteer rescue.



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Special Thanks &
Opportunities to Support Reuben's Room

Special Thanks and Things Worth Mention...

          Special Thanks to Steve Kehl 

Steve created this webpage and continues to help maintain it.

Thank you to our benefactors who prefer to remain anonymous.

We have had some great people come on board to help us out: thanks Niki, Sarah, and Kristi.

James, our handy man from Cat Mountain Cat Trees has helped us make several physical improvements throughout the rescue.

Check out James' fantastic cat trees at: https://www.catmountaincattrees.com/our-story

And thank you to all of our adopters.  Over the years we have adopted hundreds of cats.  It's nice to know those cats have great homes.

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Opportunities to Support Reuben's Room...


Amazon has 2 progams that can help us out-Amazon Affliate and Amazon smile.  

Check out the explanation above to learn all about them.

Check out the new "DIRECT YOUR DOLLARS" program offered by Spartan Stores.  

 A complete explanation of this program is given earlier on this page.  Please read that area to learn how to help us out-again-at no cost to you.

Gift Cards
Another great way to help the rescue is gift cards from such places as Meijers, Target, or a pet store of your choice. This allows us to purchase food, medication, cleaning supplies, bedding, litter, and other necessities needed to continue our mission. 



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Amazon Banner

If you don't see an ad for our Amazon program below this text, please turn off your ad blocker for our site.
Then you can click that banner and support us with your Amazon purchases.

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